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CHICAGO — Sencorp Systems Inc. (Booth N5116), a member of DT Industries Packaging Group, is introducing several machines at NPE 1997 in Chicago.

The Hyannis, Mass., firm makes roll-fed thermoforming and sheet extrusion equipment. Exports make up about 30 percent of its business. The Sencorp/Armac Series 3033 high-speed, servo-drive thermoformer features a 7-inch depth-of-draw forming and trimming capability with an in-line counting and stacking system. The forming press is rated at 40 tons and the trim press at 100 tons. It also allows tool changes within 30 minutes.

The Sencorp/Armac Series 3040 XPS thermoforming and trimming system for expanded polystyrene foam sheet features a 150-inch preheating oven and servo-drive platens. The trimming system, which uses serrated cutting tools for trimming the entire formed matrix, is positioned on the same base as the thermoforming machine. After the parts are trimmed, counted and stacked vertically, the entire stack of parts is transferred to a pack off the table for either manual or optional automatic packing.

The Sencorp Series HP 1000 thermoformer is used in cell manufacturing and offers compact size, ease of operation and minimum generation of radiant heat or scrap. The system can be tied directly to a production line and can be controlled according to production requirements. There is no purging of previously heated or formed sheet during restarts. Depending on material type and thickness, the thermoformer can produce parts at 25 cycles per minute from polymers such as high-impact PS, polypropylene, high density polyethylene, oriented PS, vinyl and PET.

Other machines being shown include the Sencorp Series 120/150-millimeter tandem foam extrusion line, which is capable of producing 1,800 pounds per hour of expanded PE and expanded PS. The company claims the screws offer optimum dispersion and excellent thermal balance of all the additives and blowing agents in the melt for homogeneity before resin extrusion.

The firm also has a line of center-fed single- and dual-spider dies with streamlined body flow cavities for uniform melt flow to the specially ground and polished die lips. All dies emphasize three-zone temperature control. The die body zone is controlled by hot oil passed through cast- aluminum jackets with their own independent internal heating elements, while the inner and outer lips have separate hot oil passageways for temperature control close to the melt. A range of specially contoured and baffled internal and external air rings allow control of sheet surface and skin quality.