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CHICAGO—Erema North America Inc. (Booth E8029) is demonstrating at NPE 1997 the RGA 70T plastics recycling system, which produces pellets from plastic film scrap at rates of 500 pounds an hour.

The Topsfield, Mass., firm claims that the advances made on Erema equipment help make plastics recycling more profitable.

Erema's patented systems recycle a wide range of plastic waste. Scrap material is fed into a vertical densifying unit that uses friction to compress and preheat the plastic. That material then is fed directly to the extruder screw. Compression and melting occur gradually, at a precisely controlled temperature, adding minimal heat history to the reclaim.

Erema says its equipment is compact and consumes little energy. Machines can be ordered with a standard nonvented screw and barrel, vented screw and barrel or special VE-style vented screw and barrel—with screw diameters from 50-212 millimeters. Any system can be replaced if processing goals change.

The company also offers back-flushing screen changers and a continuous filtering system.

In Austria, Erema designs and manufactures recycling equipment for the international market.