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CHICAGO — Mississauga, Ontario-based blow molding equipment manufacturer Proco Machinery Inc. (Booth E11300) is introducing two new automated products at NPE 1997 in Chicago.

The Robopik Universal Take-Out System for shuttle-style blow molding machines uses a single robotically controlled gripper arm to take containers from both sides of a dual-sided shuttle machine, detab them and orient them onto a conveyor.

The system has a patent pending.

The Robopik, which can be moved from one machine to another, can be used on models H-111, H-121, H-151, H-155, FHB 054, FHB 106 and FHB 15/2.

By plugging in the interface, the robot's control identifies the type of blow molding machine it is attached to and configures itself automatically. Changeover from one job to the next takes about 15 minutes.

Other features include a built-in scrap conveyor and optional right-or left-hand discharge.

The system controls the bottle from the time it leaves the mold until it is placed on the conveyor. The advantages of the system include reduced labor, improved quality and increased productivity, ease of setup, lower maintenance costs and improved consistency of operation, the company said.

Proco's Cyber System provides downstream operations, such as deflashing and leak testing. When using Proco's new Provac indexing vacuum conveyor, guide rails, photo eyes and gate cylinders are not needed.

Cyber System's other features include Proco's Kwikchange Punchpak deflash tooling and the Kwikchange leak tester head system.

Other equipment being demonstrated are leak testers, an automatic deflashing machine and flame testers.