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CHICAGO — Mega Machinery Inc. (Booth N5381) is showing a lenticular lens sheet extrusion system with a 41/2-inch extruder, Autoflex sheet die and numerically digitally controlled gauge with feedback loop to the die.

A MegaTronix computer system controls the line, which includes a MegaTek sheet finishing system and Corona Designs treater.

Mega President Richard Risch said the booth also features a new MegaTrak laser guidance system that allows precise sheet cutting necessary for high-tech downstream printing jobs. The programmable guidance system also can be used as an in-line, real-time profilometer, he said.

Risch said Mega doesn't mass-produce extrusion systems but rather focuses on difficult jobs. It works closely with customers in its lab in product and process development.

The lenticular lens sheet line is one such job. Risch said applications for such sheet are growing in advertising and in new, undisclosed markets, but high-precision equipment is needed to make the sheet. It is printed to create three-dimensional and moving images on an essentially two-dimensional surface.

Risch co-founded Mega in 1991, after a career in sheet extrusion and machinery and resin sales.

``I spent a lot of time on the engineering side and the sales side comes easily to me because I like people,'' Risch said in a pre-NPE interview.

He estimated Mega is one of only a handful of U.S.-based sheet extrusion system manufacturers.

Mega's product line includes single-screw extruders up to 1,000 horsepower, MegaTron cooling and polishing units with individual drives, Quick Switch roll-change systems and MegaCool cooling conveyor systems, which the firm claims can boost production rates by as much as 30 percent.

The Fontana, Calif., firm builds its own MegaTronix process-control system, which it describes as an ``industrially hardened'' 486 personal computer/programmable logic controller with a touch-screen panel.