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CHICAGO — R.J. Abramo Associates Inc. (Booth S440) of Holliston, Mass., and Hart Systems of Stockport, England, have developed a process to reduce the weight of plastic bottles using injection blow molding. Their core rod technology is being exhibited at NPE in Chicago.

The key to the process lies in temperature-controlled CRT, which has a patent pending. According to the companies, the technology can yield 10-15 percent less weight without compromising the thermal stability of the wall thickness of the preform prior to molding.

The shoulder and base areas, which are heavy because of the injection blow molding process, can be reduced in weight by as much as 5 percent as a result of more-uniform material control and distribution.

Existing tooling can be converted by replacing existing core rods with rods incorporating the new technology. The firms claim the cost of the conversion can usually be recovered as a result of the weight savings in the first year.