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CHICAGO — Bunting Magnetics Co. (Booth N4416) is showing its dual-action self-cleaning drawer magnet as well as its Torpedo magnets at NPE 1997 in Chicago.

The Newton, Kan., firm's drawer magnets are used for extrusion, injection and blow molding equipment.

The magnets are cleaned in place with a quick pull, or by removing the whole drawer assembly for safe off-the-machine maintenance.

Each self-cleaning unit's extra-long magnetic cartridges fit inside stainless-steel sleeves attached to the see-through polycarbonate drawer front. Tramp metal collects on sleeve surfaces and falls from the sleeves as they are pulled clear of the magnetic cartridges and housing.

Bunting's Torpedo magnets, designed for use in just-in-time hopper loaders, consist of formed stainless-steel rings. These rings are welded to high-energy rare-earth magnetic cartridges, allowing the magnetic cartridge to hang suspended in the center of the JIT loader's glass tube, according to the company.