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CHICAGO — Eurotherm Gauging Systems Inc. (Booth N4952) is nearly doubling the size of its headquarters plant in Billerica, Mass., to accommodate LFE Industrial Systems Inc. Eurotherm will complete the acquisition of LFE at the end of Eurotherm's fiscal year on Oct. 31, according to Hector Marchand, Eurotherm product manager for gauging systems. It announced the pending acquisition in spring but did not say then when the $12.5 million deal would be finalized.

Marchand said in an interview at his company's booth at NPE in Chicago that Eurotherm and LFE personnel are in cross-training programs to make them familiar with each firm's product lines. Both companies make gauges and controls for film, sheet and coating extrusion systems.

Eurotherm also is helping LFE complete an ISO 9002 certification program before the firms are integrated. Eurotherm has been ISO 9002 certified since mid-1996. LFE is based in Clinton, Mass., about 30 miles from Eurotherm. Officials expect the proximity to smooth the integration process.

Eurotherm's CIMline and LFE Profitmaster product lines will be retained and expanded, Eurotherm said in a news release. Eurotherm Vice President Dick Murphy said the combined companies will expand Profitmaster's applications.

Marchand said his firm is displaying for the first time its enhanced CoutourView 3-D profiling display that allows operators to detect any machine or cross-direction instability.

Eurotherm also features LFE's Full Fidelity measurement sensor for cast film. It combines a high-strength krypton nuclear source with proprietary sensor optics to give noise levels three to ten times lower than competing products, the company claimed.