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CHICAGO — Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Injection Molding Machinery Inc. (Booth E8702) is unveiling its MSH Series of injection molding machines, for low-speed, high-pressure injection. MSH presses come in seven sizes, with clamping forces of 100-352 tons. An MSH press will mold lenses at the Chicago show.

Customers have a choice of seven cylinder configurations to optimize ideal molding conditions, according to injection speed and pressure.

MHI also is showing its mid-sized and large MMIII-Series hydromechanical Mitsubishi injection presses, recently introduced to the North American market. Length of the machines has been reduced by 30 percent.

The midsize MMIII machine comes in three clamping forces: 671, 792 and 1,045 tons. They feature reduced energy consumption, automatic mold-thickness setting, high-torque hydraulic screw motors and high-speed hydraulic circuits. At NPE in Chicago, one of the midsize machines is demonstrating low-pressure textile molding.

The large MMIII machines, with hydromechamical clamps, come in six sizes, from 1,595-4,840 tons. Features include a high-torque hydraulic screw motor, a mold open/close braking circuit and an oil-cleaning system. During NPE, a large MMIII press will run a part using gas-assisted injection molding technology from Gain Technologies Inc. (Booth N6719).

The MMIII machines have MAC-VI color controllers.