Plan to see auxiliary equipment aplenty

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Auxiliary equipment for materials handling will not be tough to locate at this year's NPE. In every corner of McCormick Place attendees will find displayed everything from resin dryers to robots. AEC Inc. (Booth S1400): AEC/Whitlock seven-pump, 50-station conveying control with touch-screen and remote panel, expandable to 14-pump, 100-station or more. Also, a two-pump, 12-station conveying control for small molding cells and facilities. Stainless-steel vacuum receivers, takeoffs and other modular components.

AEC/HydReclaim mini additive feeder, pulls additives above the throat of a molding machine. Also, quick-start miniblender with removable stainless-steel hoppers, automatic batch weigh blending to 100 pounds per hour. Available with integrated loading system and data-acquisition software options.

AEC/Automation Engineering linear drive traverse robots that double acceleration and reduce costs by eliminating maintenance of cylinders, motors, gearboxes, racks and pinions, belts and ball screws. Also, XL sprue pickers with new control.

A.O. Smith Engineered Storage Products Co. (Booth S1421): Passive flow-control devices for storage silos.

Attica Hydraulic Exchange Corp. (Booth E11703): Benchmark cart kits and pumps equivalent to Denison T6 series and Vickers V-VQ series.

Autoload Inc. (Booth N6915): Autodry series of compressed-air dehumidifying hoppers available in 20-, 40- or 60-pound material capacity.

Brabender Technologie Inc. (Booth N5986): Trapezoid loss-in-weight feeders allow several feeders to be placed closer together. Now feed rates can be verified online without interrupting production.

Bry-Air Systems (Booth S4210): FD and FDL series rotor-based resin dryers ranging from 15-6,000 pounds per hour. BAS Smart-Dry microprocesser-based controller with a seven-day timer and a dew-point monitor. JIT sight-glass pneumatic loaders. Single-shot loader can be machine or hopper mounted and boasts no moving parts to replace. Double-shot loader loads virgin and regrind material simultaneously for an even mix.

Bunting Magnetics Co. (Booth N7540): Metal detectors with easily adjusted sensitivity settings and alterable speed flap-opening times.

Busch Inc. (Booth E14603): Modified Cobra dry screw vacuum pump.

Carlo Gavazzi Inc. (Booth N9105): AC/DC capacitive proximity sensors, two-wire DC inductive sensors with extended range, chassis-mount solid-state relays with light-emitting-diode indication.

Crizaf Automation Systems (Booth E10153): Single-point weigh-scale hopper provides accurate filling within 0.2 gram. Crizaf 2000 Concept conveyor with aluminum belt linked together to form a closed-loop belt with a plastic side wall that moves with the conveyor belt. Metal-detection conveying systems made of aluminum, which are lightweight and easy to move.

Custom Systems Integration Co. Inc. (Booth N9302): CMF-4 rotary feeder with rotating and reciprocating suction cups with two, three, four or six heads.

Direct-Line Products (Booth E10322): Robotic indexing conveyor interface to index a conveyor upon signal from robot. Off-the-shelf box filling units with photo-eye controls, adjustable side rails and empty box alarm.

EMI Corp. (Booth S1332): Bar-code reading units for box-filling and warehousing that can read up to 399 preset barcodes and separate boxes by size. Self-contained chilled air blower and cooling unit. A new line of metal detectors that can ride on or near the conveyor belt. Weigh hopper box filling system that fills within 1 gram of accuracy. Two-cycle, low-cost box-filling unit by cycle count. Direct-drive conveyor line with the motor and reducer attached directly to the drive shaft, which eliminates need for chain, sprockets and chain cover. Redesigned leg sets for conveyor belts have two telescoping sections with adjustment slots at 1-inch increments. Carbide insert ring valves to provide extended wear. Three-piece, four-fluted ring valve. Microprocessor-controlled water flow regulators to constantly monitor mold temperature and trigger solenoid valves to increase or decrease water flow.

Fanuc Robotics North America Inc. (Booth E10127): North American debut of the first six-axis, overhead rail-mounted, top-loading robot called M-16/T. The SR Mate 200i robot will be featured by Milacron Inc. SR class includes four-, five-, or six-axis robots for unloading 50-300 ton injection presses.

Harvard Factory Automation Inc. (Booth E11740): Rotary index table, roller separator, portable clean rooms and V-lift lift table.

InSol Inc. (Booth E13803): TA-Series three-stage robots that require 40 percent less space than comparable robots.

Kaeser Compressors Inc. (Booth E11657): Booster compressors with pressures reaching 650 pounds per square inch gauge.

K-Tron America (Booth S2114): Weigh belt feeder, low-rate filtered vacuum loader for powders and improved modular vibrator feeder with Smart Connex.

Laidig Industrial Systems (Booth E13434): Model 4345E total-electric-drive cone bottom unloader with a sweep auger rotating 360 degrees around the bin.

Maguire Products Inc. (Booth N7171): WST 110 material-dispensing unit mounts at extruder throat and has throughput of 800 pounds per hour with a batch size of 1,000 grams.

Mark 2 Automation Inc. (Booth N5764): PC servo controller can access machine operators manual and parts list via a touch screen.

Masterduct Inc. (Booth E14370): Master-Pur polyester polyurethane industrial hoses for materials handling that are lightweight and flexible with 30 percent greater abrasion resistance.

Motan Inc. (Booth S1292): Luxor gas dryer, Luxor gas ETA-process box, minicolor additive feeder, Metro Link automated materials selection and distribution system, Link Net graphical user interface, GraviColor 100 and 300 and HL/ML loaders.

Mould-Tek Industries Inc. (Booth S775): GXB Series 4 touch-screen blender controller works without interruption of operations, T-Com Blender controller software allows remote access and data acquisition. Exac-U-Batch GXB gravimetric weigh scale batch blenders use microprocessor-controlled real-time live scale for consistent weights.

MP Pumps Inc. (Booth E10039): High-temperature pumps with flanged connections and pedestal drives for pumps from a half to 20 horsepower and temperatures reaching 650 F.

MTM Systems Inc. (Booth S1144): 2022AT-D container removal system, designed to remove containers automatically from Aoki and Nissei PET stretch blow molding machines. The base machine can handle containers normally produced on PET lines, but can be modified to handle custom bottles.

Nucon Systems Inc. (Booth E10133, ): 800 Series 15- and 30-foot vacuum receivers, new dryer technology, improved just-in-time loader for easier use, cleaning and maintenance.

Pelletron Corp. (Booth N5575): P-1 de-duster for flow rates reaching 50 pounds per hour.

Plastore Inc. (Booth E10828): New product lines of gravimetric mixing solutions, hopper loaders, water-cooled Plasticolor feeders, power hopper.

Praxair Surface Technologies Inc. (Booth E11330): Application of thermal spray metal and ceramic coating to carbon-fiber and fiberglass composite rolls.

Processall Inc. (Booth E12109): Improved dryer and new line of polymer modification equipment to increase temperatures and pressure to achieve new physical and chemical properties.

Reimelt Corp. (Booth E14242): Minor/micro ingredient dosing system.

Remak North America (Booth S1224): RF10 robot system fits injection mold machines with up to 1,000 pounds clamping force. RX5 high-speed sprue picker has possible take-out time of under 0.3 seconds.

Robotic Production Technology (Booth N8026): New rail-mounted robotics systems and specialized touch-sensing robotics systems.

Romax Inc. (Booth N7318): Movacolor Local Area Network provides remote control and monitoring ability for Movacolor additive feeders. Can monitor up to 99 feeders from one computer.

Romidot Ltd. (Booth N8562): Romishape DT automatic measuring equipment for vinyl extruded profiles.

Roni LLC Automation Solutions (Booth E14626): Lift-O-Flex ergonomic lifting systems for raw materials and finished products.

Rosenthal Manufacturing Co. Inc. (Booth N8707): High-performance sheeter minimizes labor and material waste.

Salina Vortex Corp. (Booth N5218): Wye line diverter valve, bi-directional and self-cleaning with positive material and air seal when handling dry materials in dilute-phase vacuum or pressure- pneumatic conveying systems.

SAS Automation Ltd. (Booth S1039): Robotic insert mold end-of-arm tool for film laminates, training and testing lab featuring robots from Conair, Battenfeld and Fanuc.

Star Automation Inc. (Booth E10552): MHY-1800FMIII-3 top entry robot for injection molding machines from 850-1,600 tons, SC-1000 ultrasonic cutter, SEC conveyor with new lineup.

Sterling Inc. (Booth S2715): SA series of linear drive traverse robots, for faster acceleration and velocity, quieter operation, and less maintenance due to elimination of mechanical parts.

Sterling Systems Division (Booth N5057): Diamond series includes blowers and cyclones that protect against wear and tear from abrasive materials.

Thoreson McCosh Inc. (Booth S3161): The TD-6 can dry up to 6 pounds an hour and has three desiccant beds and Delta T controls for dehumidifying dryer, which controls temperature deferential across a drying hopper.

T&T Technology (Booth N5931): Fines-Sep Central series of gravitational plastic-fines-separation systems with digital pressure gauge ranging in capacity from 300-40,000 pounds per hour.

UMM United Materials Management Ltd. (Booth N5933): MVC series multistage vacuum pump conveyor with capacity ranging from 20-12,000 pounds.

Upstream Systems & Machinery (Booth N5030): Gravimetric extrusion and blending control, plus material handling and storage systems.

Vindum Engineering Inc. (Booth E13452): QL-700 precision pulse-free metering pump accurately injects fluids at high pressure.

Wittmann Robot & Automation Systems Inc. (Booth N7166): Control system and teach pendant. Beside-the-press dryers with Nucon product line. Six-axis top-entry robots with carbon-fiber design. Plus, integrated A- and C-axis wrist.