Lankton to Russia: the icons stay in Clinton

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Remember the story about Russia demanding the return of artificacts from the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, Mass.? That wasn't the last word.

The Clinton Times & Courier updated the story today, reporting that Gordon Lankton, the founder and long-time top executive at Nypro Inc., and patron of the museum, met with officials from Russia and told them he's not ready to send the icons back.

"I'm saying, 'Why, why, why? Why do you have to have them now?"' he told the newspaper. "I want to feel these guys out before I make a bold move."

Russia's Ministry of Culture had invoked a force majeure clause in the contract in its demand that the icons be returned.

Like any good plastics company founder, Lankton knows something about force majeure.

"Show why it applies to me. I've been in business 50 years. Something like force majeure is only used for the very biggest disputes, not this," he said.

Lankton is standing up for his principles. But he's taking a risk -- he told the Times & Courier that he was told to "forget future loans" of art and icons from Russia if he doesn't comply.

Sounds like a sticky situation -- but I'm sure it can all be resolved without bringing Hillary Clinton to negotiate a cease-fire.