Simple Wave's founder bringing CaliBowls back to US

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HAYWARD, CALIF. (3:40 p.m. ET) — Housewares company Simple Wave LLC is moving production of its CaliBowls to the U.S. after two years of manufacturing in China.

The move from a contract manufacturer in China to injection molder Jatco Inc. in Union City, Calif., fits with Simple Wave’s desire to have its bowl made in the U.S., and allows it more control over quality and delivery, said Meaghan Mott, vice president of sales, in an Oct. 25 telephone interview.

Jatco will launch production by the end of November.

“This is a simple formula: Invent plus manufacture in the USA,” said Jeff Bollengier, president and co-founder of Hayward, Calif.-based Simple Wave.

The CaliBowl is a series of bowls, from children’s items to large mixing and serving bowls, designed with an angled interior lip to help keep liquids and sauces from spilling out of the container. The company name and concept for the bowl’s shape came as surfer Bollengier pictured the lip of a wave. They first went on sale in 2009. The company also sells lids and offers a recycling program to take back its bowls and reuse the material.

“Our business is growing very quickly, and having the ability to react quickly and provide just-in-time manufacturing will provide the fuel to our growth,” said co-founder Rich Stump.