Reader applauds made-in-US mindset

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I always read Plastics News cover to cover. It’s great for me. However, your story about David MacNeil really turned me on [MacNeil touts quality, U.S.-made products, Page 1, Oct. 20]. I could not agree more, maybe because that’s what I have been preaching for some time.

Years ago I stopped buying made-in-China products — one case in point, shoes. While in England, I was turned on to Clarks shoes. They were great until a new pair cracked. I saw Clarks were now made in China. I finally found a U.S. shoe maker. The shoes are great and cost no more.

Wal-Mart, Target and Penney’s should play the Chinese national anthem on the hour. Exporting jobs was a flawed exercise that ruined our ability to grow.

Please tell David MacNeil many thanks for being a true American. I think I’ll frame the article.

Jim Hendry

Plastics industry veteran