Extrusion focus: upgrades, more offerings

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ORLANDO, FLA. — Extrusion machinery suppliers will offer enhanced control, durability and energy efficiency in new and improved product lines at NPE2012. A wider range of laboratory systems and pipe-production options are among the highlights in this sector. These are some of the products they will show.

Addex Inc. (Booth 5181): A new Digital Internal Bubble Cooling that delivers fast reaction time for precise bubble control, easy change­overs and less scrap. The five-sensor system has a high-speed, servo-controlled air-regulation valve that corrects bubble size up to 20 adjustments per second. Sensors are ultrasonic, non-contact types with two above and two below the bubble line.

Advanced Extruder Technologies Inc. (Booth 7289): Design, engineering and manufacturing of single-screw extruders featuring heavy-duty gearbox, double or triple reduction, water or air cooled, water jacketed cast feed section, intensively cooled groove- feed section, bimetallic barrels.

American Leistritz Extruder Corp. (Booth 5975): ZSE-50 Maxx twin-screw extruder configured for both reactive and direct extrusion, featuring modular barrel section with high-wattage cartridge heaters and increased coolant flow. ZSE-40 Maxx with new swing-gate strand die assembly. The co-rotating twin-screw is well-suited for masterbatch and custom compounding. Lab-scale twin screws including a nano-16 that processes as little as 20 grams, a ZSE-18 available with screws for 1,200 or higher revolutions per minute and a Micro-27 modular, multimode twin screw with gearbox that can convert to co-rotation or counter-rotation for cost-effective lab installations.

American Kuhne Inc. (Booth 3551): New extruder designs including energy-efficient models, microbore extruders and convertible extruders for blown film. E3 energy-efficient type is air-cooled, designed to be simple to operate with improvements for 15 percent energy savings. Microextruders of 12mm and two 16mm sizes are mounted on common base for compact footprint. Convertible extruder transitions from a 3-inch smooth feed to a 60mm grooved feed type featuring low-boy design for blown film, ability to swing between resin types and fast changes between feed section/barrel modules. Modular extruder. Improved screw design and operator ergonomics, enhanced system controls.

Amut SpA (Booth 7391): Single- and twin-screw extruders. Complete extrusion lines.

Andritz AG (Booth 9348): Tech­nology, service for producing biaxially stretched films.

Apex Engineering Inc. (Booth 61006): Unusual modular compounding lines that allow flexibility in options. Modules assemble into a normal process line that can integrate into a traditional building or warehouse.

A.R. Engineering Machine Inc. (Booth 64038): Blown film lines.

B&P Process Equipment and Systems LLC (Booth 2108): New TriVolution Series Tri-Kneader, a reciprocating kneader for compounding. The show model features an acrylic barrel that allows a look inside to see interaction between mixing flights and pins. Touch screens on the closed barrel segments allow exploration of features such as vacuum vent stuffers and side feeding.

Baruffaldi Plastic Technology Srl (Booth 318): Extrusion tooling, downstream equipment including punching machines for cable ducts and technical profiles. Cutting and assembling machines.

Bay Plastics Machinery Corp. (Booth 6693): Pelletizing equipment.

Battenfeld-Cincinnati USA (Booth 911): SolEX 40D single-screw extruders aimed at high-performance production of high-density polyethylene and poly­- ­pro­py­lene pipe, giving high output at low melt temperature. Twin-EX parallel extruders, said to use 15 percent less specific energy while boosting output vs. other counter-rotating twin-screws. Uni­EX single-screw models for pipe and profiles process thermoplastics, elastomers and engineering polymers at high throughput at each screw speed. Company aims for energy savings.

Binova Srl (Booth 21053): Compounding, multiscrew, single-screw extruders.

Boston Matthews Inc. (Booth 5862): Extrusion lines with fully integrated quality-control management systems with accessible and exportable data. Using the company’s Smart control system, several additional quality-management systems can be integrated into a single operating interface. Quality-control systems in­- clude those for wall thickness, tube diameter, lump recognition, defect analysis and loss in weight. iSmart wireless operation and control — an option for restricted areas such as a clean room — is functional from iPad or iPhone technology.

Brampton Engineering Inc. (Booth 4871): New FlexStack SCD improves process flexibility vs. previous streamlined coextrusion die from five to 11 layers. Blown film extrusion equipment, both conventional air-cooled and AquaFrost water-quenched.

Breyer GmbH Maschinenfabrik (Booth 9221): Extrusion lines for clear sheet, multiwall sheet, technical sheet, film and tubes.

Buss Inc. USA (Booth 7463): Kneading technology for compounding for PVC granulation, cable compounds, masterbatches, calender feeding; materials-handling systems.

C.A. Picard Inc. (Booth 108): Replacement elements, barrels and shafts for twin-screw extruders. Twin-screw systems for powder coating.

Century Extrusion (Booth 5585): New RXT superhigh-output compounder. Twin-screw compounding systems. Unit machines, parts and service.

Cloeren Inc. (Booth 5163): Feedblocks, extrusion dies, web-coating dies. Ancillary equipment including vacuum box, soft box air knife, online die splitter, die-cleaning stations, melt-transfer pipes, drool pans and die positioners.

CMD Corp. (Booth 6845): New model 0864 global bag machine and winder offers continuous motion sealing. Compact bag-making and winding system. New model 1270 GDS global drawtape bag-making system. Model 0330 HSW global high-speed winder with new roll-handling automation.

Comerio Rodolfo Srl (Booth 57031): Rotogravure printing machine; laminating and embossing line.

Commodore Technology LLC (Booth 1308): Extruders and molds up to 46 inches wide for PS, PP and PE. Expanded line of low-density foams using the MuCell process.

Coperion Corp. (Booth 6463): New ZSK MC18-series compounding extruders. HFS fluid bed separator. Pell-Tec SP50 strand pelletizer. Complete compounding and extrusion lines.

C.W. Brabender Instruments Inc. (Booth 2718): New miniature twin-screw extruder, 12-millimeter, parallel, co-rotating extruder with segmented screw elements and side port. Single and twin screw extruders, torque rheometers, viscometers, post-extrusion equipment, roll mills, lab scale testing instruments.

Davis-Standard LLC (Booth 5945): Running system for making PE 100 geothermal pipe. Setup includes 2-inch groove feed extruder for processing bimodal PE-100 and other polyolefins. Producing 1.3-inch outside diameter pipe at up to 500 pounds per hour. Also running compact, 1-inch, HPE-H extruder with direct-drive, AC vector motor with KXE-1808C continuous, integrated inspection system for flat film and sheet. New three-layer Vertex die technology with improved bubble cooling, featuring triple-lip air ring for gauge control. New energy-efficient heating/cooling system for new machines and retrofit. Vertex system for multiple resin changes. New direct-drive medical extruder with interchangeable barrel assemblies for material versatility. New slim-line Mac extruder design for nine-layer extruders. A 3-inch Thermatic HS high-speed extruder for increased output.

Polystyrene foam die with spiderless, multihole engineering and externally adjusted gap control and concentricity. Three-zone, oil-heated design maintains temperature uniformity. Foam die cooling, sizing mandrel and motorized cooling cart.

DSB-2 feed screw for blown film of linear low densityPE, metallocene LLDPE, LDPE, and ethylene vinyl acetate. A 12-inch, triple-lip air ring for improved cooling rates and film quality. Harrel melt pumps offering less scrap and tighter tolerances especially for close-tolerance medical tubing. A 3½-inch Super Blue extruder with quick delivery and high productivity features increased torque. Ram Stuffer feed-section assembly for recycling.

Control systems including Epic III, Epic III tablet, DS-eTPC and DS-eVue. New DS-Tablet is hand-held for mobility and access for complete extrusion-system control even outside normal operator control stations. Windows-embedded, it offers a wireless touch-screen option for the Epic III supervisory control system. New iPhone application for customers and employees to access information and calculations for formulas.

Entek Manufacturing Inc. (Booth 4691): Twin-screw extruders — a 27mm model for lab work and small-lot compounding, and a 103mm version with new base design for easier access and a 52:1 length-to-diameter screw with a side feeder. Enhanced control functions include remote access, improved recipe/formula system, remote data storage. New concepts for screws and elements. New gearbox and melt-pump remanufacturing capability. New single-piece twin-screw extruder design.

ESI Extrusion Services Inc. (Booth 5985): Downstream extrusion equipment and complete extrusion lines.

Extreme Coatings (Booths 7063, 4115): Thermal spray coatings of tungsten carbide to protect extrusion and injection molding feed screws from abrasion, corrosion and adhesive wear. New co-rotating twin-screw elements encapsulated with 0.75-millimeter tungsten carbide.

Extrusion Dies Industries LLC (Booth 6663): Flat dies for cast film, biaxially oriented film, extrusion coating, fluid coating, sheet. New EPC dies for extrusion coating. Adjustable coextrusion feedblock for film and sheet.

Farrel Corp. (Booth 6445): Extruders, polymer melt pumps, batch mixers, continuous mixers, pelletizers, mills and calenders, twin-crew sheeters.

Gloucester Engineering Co. Inc. (Booth 3343): New blown film cooling systems, new energy-saving extruder heating, advances in blown film dies, new center-surface winding technology, new multiwrap technology for stretch films that works with existing Gloucester winders. Allan Griff and other expert engineers giving presentations.

Glycon Corp. (Booth 4255): Feed screws, mixing and melting screws, barrier screws, barrels. Expansion in 2011 houses all finishing operations.

Gneuss Inc. (Booth 6685): MRS 130 multirotation system extruder in a complete extrusion line. That setup permits processing of PET without predrying by using a simple water-ring vacuum system. The single-screw extruder has eight satellite single screws driven by a ring gear and pinion transmission. The barrels cut into the section are about 30 percent open and provide good exposure of the melt. Also showing enhanced melt-filtration systems and a new multipoint calibration system with more-precise measurement of low pressures. A harder membrane coating option is available for abrasive materials such as wood-polymer composites.

Hosokawa Alpine American Inc. (Booth 6285): Patented X-Die eliminates visual port lines in blown film. New V ring for blown film increases stability and throughput, and can be retrofitted. Blown film systems, extruders, dies, cooling systems, process automation, take-off systems, winding systems, crammer feeder, machine-direction-orientation technology. MDO tolling services.

Krauss-Maffei Corp. (Booth 1503): Showing internal pipe-cooling system for polyolefins that shortens the cooling section by also cooling pipe interior with ambient air. Exhibiting KME 125-36 B/R single-screw extruder suited to process range of polyolefins with melt homogeneity at low temperature. KMD 63 K/P conical twin-screw extruder for profile and pipe ensures melt homogeneity and quality. Compounding system with ZE 60 A UTX twin-screw extruder with EasyClean module cuts cleaning time by up to 40 percent. The system has a modular design for easy shipping and installation. Extrusion technologies also include film and sheet, foam extrusion, PVC pelletizing.

Kreyenborg Industries (Booth 7271): World premier of new backflush filtration system that improves backflush performance, lowers backflush waste, has low running costs and a quick return on investment. Latest version of IRD PET dryers. The system relies on efficient short-wave infrared radiation as the heat source rather than hot air. The dryers boast short residence time, flexibility in materials, are easy to operate, and give reliable crystallization and drying, Kreyenborg said. Uses include cast film, sheet, strapping and recycling.

Lung Meng Machinery (USA) Inc. (Booth 6473): Film extrusion lines, bag-making lines, printing, pre-stretching technology.

Maag Automatik Inc. (Booth 5563): Gear pumps, pelletizing systems, melt-filtration systems.

Macchi SpA (Booth 5091): Running a three-layer blown film line featuring Doteco gravimetric batch blenders and vacuum conveying system, Macchi Coex flex size 3 extruder platform with Siemens gearless AC torque motors, groove feed throats, 300mm three-layer die package with internal bubble cooling and a 300mm Macchi CR-K 2 auto profile control air-ring system. The air ring and IBC intake are supported by a self-contained chiller and heat-exchange system. Includes blown film tower with E&L web guide system and Ferrarini & Benelli corona treating system.

Macro Engineering & Technology Inc. (Booth 5577): Blown and cast film lines, triple bubble lines, winders, web-handling, sheet lines, coating and laminating systems.

Maillefer SA (Booth 7345): Multilayer extrusion system for automotive fuel-tube manufacturing. Single- and multilayer pipe and tubing extrusion systems for heating, plumbing, drip irrigation. High-speed drip irrigation line.

Milacron LLC (Booth 2803): The new TP75 parallel twin-screw extruder, which boosts the TP series to five models with output up to 3,000 pounds per hour. Design optimizes melt homogeneity and productivity of the extruder for small to large uses. Air- and oil-cooled barrels, optional gearbox oil-quality monitoring, high-wear technology. Longer length-to-diameter option and Torquemaster gear box with oil cooling are available.

Molecor Tecnologia SL (Booth 40033): New technology to produce oriented PVC pipe up to 24 inches in diameter. Such pipe cuts energy consumption and emissions during pipe’s life cycle, the firm said. Technology is air-based and can be done in-line or by batch. Strength is increased, allowing material reduction.

NFM Welding Engineers (Booth 5844): TEM-series co-rotating compounding extruders. WE-series counter-rotating, non-intermeshing twin-screw extruder suited to polymer finishing and distributive mixing without high shear history. HSX-1 single-screw extruders, coextruders, lab extruders, calenders, roll mills, auxiliary equipment.

OMV USA Inc. (Booth 303): Extruders, full in-line systems.

Parkinson Technologies Inc. (Booth 6269): Converting systems, casting and orientation systems, winders, filters.

Pearl Technologies Inc. (Booth 4490): Converting and extruding equipment.

Pipe Coil Technology Ltd. (Booth 2693): Low-ovality technology allows large-diameter (up to 12 inches) high-density PE pipe to be coiled as free-standing coils or reeled onto drums. Said to reduce transportation costs and integrity of finished pipeline by cutting down on number of butt welds.

Premier Dies Corp. (Booth 118): New Opti-Plate coextrusion retrofittable die for blown film to minimize gauge variation and boost production. Custom-designed extrusion dies for film, sheet, blown film, extrusion coating, strand pelletizing and compounding.

Processing Technologies International LLC (Booth 6885): Showcasing dryerless technology for PET and polylactic acid designed to save time and energy. The technology includes a twin-screw sheet-extrusion production system. The unit at headquarters is a $3 million investment and can process more than 2,000 pounds per hour. Also, latest sheet-handling systems and a demonstration center where customers can test materials.

ProfilePipe Machinery Inc. (Booth 617): Pipe corrugators. Downstream equipment for cutting, pulling, coiling, perforating.

PSI-Polymer Systems Inc. (Booth 5991): Running new backflush screen changer for better safety and performance. Contaminated screen packs are flushed and discharged through a port underneath the screen-changer housing for a cleaner and safer environment for operators. Can process materials with high contamination levels.

R&B Plastics Machinery LLC (Booth 979): Max Impact feed screws with bimetallic flight, hardfacing and chrome plating for extended production life in extrusion and blow molding. Max Extruder shown with air-cooling technology, discrete controls and cool-to-touch heaters. Process analysis by screw designer Tim Womer at booth.

Randcastle Extrusion Systems Inc. (Booth 5453): Single-screw compounding extruders, from lab-scale size to 1½-inch. Nano­compounding. Microbatch mixer.

RDN Manufacturing Inc. (Booth 5545): Improved downstream extrusion equipment including vacuum sizing tanks, water baths, pullers, cutters, saws, conveyors, dump tables, coilers.

Reduction Engineering Scheer (Booth 7644): New strand-series pelletizers, pulverizers and disposable pulverizer disks. Die, rotor, disk and granulator knife services.

Reifenhauser Inc. (Booth 4863): Extrusion systems for blown and cast film. Thermoforming sheet lines. Nonwoven lines. Range of screws and barrels.

Sino-Alloy Machinery Inc. (Booth 8944): Co-rotating, twin-screw compounding extruders and equipment.

Starlinger & Co. GmbH (Booth 7571): New, larger 165mm repelletizing line, recycled PET extruders, de­contamination for sheet-extrusion lines, woven bag-lines, coating and laminating lines, bag-making lines.

SteerAmerica Inc. (Booth 5762): Newly designed Omicron 12 clamshell extruder on display with a chiller/flaker unit suited to research and pharmaceutical uses at rates as low as 50 grams per hour. On the floor will be a Mega 58 twin-screw with a special, extended twin-screw side feeder and vacuum vent stuffer. New LabPlus single-screw extruder running cast film with a roll stack. Debut of high-efficiency mixing elements for modern high-speed twin screws. Elements use non-shear elongation mixing along with stirring action to disperse and mix additives.

Webex Inc. (Booth 9039): Film extrusion and web-handling equipment. Heat-transfer extrusion rolls. Precision industrial rolls.

Welex Inc. (Booth 5744): Showing a Mark III high-performance extruder and Super Sentinel intelligent process control that provides flexibility and a high degree of control. Complete sheet extrusion lines, parts, service, upgrades.

Westland Corp. (Booth 1831): Liquid silicon rubber conversions, thermoset conversions, rotary shutoff end cap, mixing screws for optical-quality lenses and for reinforced resins, grooved barrel, special coatings for screws.

Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corp. (Booth 733): Varex multilayer modular blown film line. Optimex mono- or three-layer blown film line for cost savings. Aquarex water-quenched film for softness, clarity, gloss and strength. Opticool air-ring technology for exceptional cooling and higher output than for single or dual air rings, the firm said. Filmex-customized cast film lines with up to 33 coextrusion layers. Machine-direction-orientation film for strength, transparency and downgauging.

Windsor Feedscrews Inc. (Booth 3993): Plasticating screws, twin screws, barrels, pin barrels and screws, front-end components, feed housing, removable mixers, rotors, augers, side feeders.

Xaloy Inc. (Booth 39033): Bi­metallic barrels, barrel heating, melt pumps, high-performance screws, screen changers, pelletizers, heat-transfer rolls, cleaning ovens.