Blow molding highlights: speed, convenience

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ORLANDO, FLA. — At NPE2012 in Orlando, Fla., blow molding equipment suppliers will emphasize convenience, speed and quality to expand blow molding’s usefulness in applications ranging from bottles to auto parts to drums. This is some of what they’ll be exhibiting:

Agr International Inc. (Booth 149): The Pilot Vision inspection system for PET bottles, which mounts inside the machine and is suited for evaluating preforms and blown bottles. The Opti­Check advanced vision-based quality management for rigid containers features an all-new multicamera system that checks the entire bottle on the conveyor line. The Process Pilot automated blow molding control system, which works in conjunction with Agr’s PETWall Profiler material-distribution measurement system to provide real-time data. New T-series lab Profiler gauges use infrared technology to scan side walls of bottles.

Amsler Equipment Inc. (Booth 583): The firm will be running an L32 convertible blow molding machine with servo stretch rods. The three-cavity, all-electric unit delivers high output for PET containers up to medium size, and servo stretch rods are more productive than pneumatic ones, according to Amsler. Other advances: reheat, stretch blow molders and new single flying-head leak tester with small footprint that runs faster than stationary-head units.

Aoki Technical Laboratory Inc. (Booth 3815): Injection stretch blow molding machines. Technology to mold 100 percent recycled PET flake. New blow mold development.

A.R. Engineering Machine Inc. (Booth 64038): Blow molding equipment.

Automa SpA (Booth 1983): Accumulator-head models for containers and technical items. Continuous extrusion shuttle blow molders for containers. Injection stretch blow molding machines for producing PET containers.

Bekum America Corp. (Booth 2163): New BM-606D shuttle blow molding machine running fully automated production of 10-liter, F-style agricultural chemical handleware bottles, featuring generous clamp size and tonnage while keeping speed and flexibility for making a range of containers and parts. Other features: calibrated neck finishes that eliminate secondary finishing, in-machine deflashing, multilayer capability, com­pact footprint, quick mold change, easy to operate and adjust.

Compact Mould Ltd. (Booth 7388): Molds for extrusion blow, injection stretch, stretch blow, and injection blow molding. Also, PET reheat stretch blow molders, extrusion heads, spin trimmers, leak testers, deflash units and other downstream equipment.

FGH Systems Inc. (Booth 2551): Ossberger GmbH & Co.’s. Pressblower injection blow molder DSE 80, which makes bellows-type products like automotive constant-velocity-joint boots and jounce bumpers; the unit can use existing injection and blow molds and cutter parts. A B&W Uniloy Milacron UMS 24LS.D long-stroke extrusion blow molder that’s double-sided, with upgrades for high output from a small footprint. Also, extrusion blow molds.

Glycon Corp. (Booth 4255): Screws and barrels, non-return valves and other melt-stream auxiliaries.

Graham Engineering Corp. (Booth 2702): G series of high-speed rotary-wheel machines that add flexibility and higher speed; cavitation/mold size adjustable for product changes. The Mini wheel line, for handling small to medium production volumes, especially suited to coextruded containers. Mini includes nine, 10-, 12-, 15- and 18-station versions, for option to run larger containers and higher outputs. XBM Navigator PC control system advances, including remote diagnostics through Ethernet connection.

Hallink RSB Inc. (Booth 19013): Blow mold parts and setup services.

Kautex Machines Inc. (Booth 1751): Extrusion blow molding technology: industrial, special three-dimensional, shuttle, polycarbonate water bottles, turnkey projects. Sizes range from a few milliliters to 10,000 liters for applications that include multilayer plastic fuel tanks, convoluted auto ducts and household appliances.

Kortec Inc. (Booth 2390): Multilayer coinjection preform systems, such as for barrier-layer PET: Pro series of advanced engineering, Ultra series for high-volume production, Intro series for low-volume economical production, and lab series. Also, multilayer preform inspection system.

Labtech Engineering Co. Ltd. (Booth 6185): Coextrusion and single-layer bottle blow molding lines.

Lectro Engineering Co. (Booth 2732): 2001D take-away dual-gripper hand system with optional deflash station. Features long life, reduced overall motion for fast cycle times, Allen Bradley programmable logic control system, self-teaching setup mode, vibration isolation for pneumatic controls. It’s suited to Be­kum and other shuttle blow molders.

Minatech Inc. (Booth 50022): New line of star-wheel servo-driven leak-test machinery that costs less than conventional machinery and features 0.3-milllimeter pinhole detection, production rates up to 150 bottles per minute, multiple test-head options and rapid changeover. Also, deflashing and trimming machinery, in-mold labeling robots and parts handling.

Monroe Mold (Booth 979): Shuttle and reciprocating blow molds. Prototype designs and test facility for mold adjustments. Mold repair.

Pet All Manufacturing Inc. (Booth 11020): The firm will be running an IBM 135-ton inverted-head injection blow molder with leak detector and vision inspection system.

Proco Machinery Inc. (Booth 542): Automated machinery and auxiliary equipment for blow molding, including takeout systems, automatic deflasher, Robo­pack case packers, Multipak palletizer, spout inserting machine, leak tester, flame treater and robotics.

R&B Plastics Machinery LLC (Booth 979): A new rotary-wheel eight- to 15-clamp system that accommodates a range of container sizes and parisons and features proportional hydraulic controls, XY blow-pin assemblies and controlled clamp motion. Also, controlled scrap-release system for trimmers that improves shop-floor safety.

Rocheleau Tool & Die Co. Inc. (Booth 3387): Custom blow molding machinery, blow molds and automation equipment. Reciprocating-screw blow molders, continuous extrusion blow molders, spin and vertical trimmers, leak detector and parison programming controls.

Sidel Inc. (Booth 8825): New SPO Compact2 linear blow molder with reliable and robust construction and high bottle quality through electrical stretching. Complete liquid packaging blow molding lines. Combi integrated blow molder, filler and capper unit. Predis-brand preform decontamination unit. Rotary machines with biorientation technology, including high-speed systems. Linear machines with biorientation. Actis plasma-coating machine provides internal barrier for sensitive drinks. Filler, rinser, closing units. Washers, pasteurizers, labelers, conveyors, palletizers.

Uniloy (Booth 2803): Reciprocating-screw blow molding machines, accumulator-head blow molders, injection blow molders and blow mold tooling for a range of machines and materials. Rotary and guillotine trimmers and other auxiliary blow molding equipment. A new training facility and laboratory called Uniloy University will be opening next fall in Tecumseh, Mich.

Wilmington Machinery Inc. (Booth 2955): Debut of large-container rotary blow molding system with a calibrated neck for 3-gallon to 25-liter tight-drum and jerrycan products that can mold up to 475 containers per hour. Other features: four or six cavities and automated, including part handling and trimming. An SB small-bottle, high-speed rotary system that can mold more than 50,000 bottles an hour and is well-suited for multilayer containers. An expanded lineup of Lumina plastic pallet molding systems.