Aero Pump adds Motan systems

December 19, 2012

Motan Colortronic GmbH now has sold more than 50 Ultrablend batch dosing and mixing systems at Aero Pump GmbH in Hochheim, Germany. The latest batch came in October.

Each year, Aero Pump makes more than 140 million dosing and atomizer spray pumps for nasal, throat and ear sprays, plus eye-drop dispensers, for shipment worldwide.

Egon Schwab founded the company in 1976. In 2001, Aero Pump officials began discussing the need for a central resin handling system.

Motan-Colortronic is in Friedrichsdorf, Germany. The North American unit, Motan Inc., is in Plainwell, Mich.

Tel. 269-685-1050, email motanusa@motan-inc.com