PE film grade prices rise in North America

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AKRON, OHIO — A price increase on film grades of North American polyethylene resin is featured in this week's Material Insights video.

Prices on those grades rose an average of 4 cents in March, after prices on non-film grades had seen a similar increase in February. Prices now are up an average of 9 cents per pound in 2013. Regional PE makers are pushing an additional 4-cent hike for April.

Another proposed materials plant for Appalachia also is featured in this week's video. Fledgling firm Aither Chemicals LLC is considering sites in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia for a plant that would make PE, ethylene and related products. The plant would take advantage of newfound supplies of natural gas feedstock in the region.

The video wraps up with news of a business uptick at International Process Plants. The U.S. manufacturing comeback has increased interest in the defunct processing plants that New Jersey-based IPP buys and sells. One property currently available is a former Wellman PET resin plant in Darlington, S.C.