Ultrasonic welder designed for flexible packaging

April 24, 2013

Rinco Ultrasonics AG, a maker of ultrasonic welding equipment, has introduced new technology for ultrasonic film sealing of flexible packaging for dry and liquid foods, personal care items and electronics, called the FPA series.

The FPA series of ultrasonic sealing systems have been designed to replace existing heat sealing equipment on liquid filled pouch form-fill-seal machinery, or pre-made pouch systems.

The pouch sealing systems enable users to increase seal strength, improve aesthetics and broaden the processing  window versus competitive ultrasonic sealing and heat sealing processes.

The FPA-4500 was designed for sealing pouches with up to four-and-a-half square inches of seal area. The FPA-4500S is for sealing duplex and triplex applications where a narrow profile is required.

In other news, Rinco was awarded a U.S. patent for its PPS0145 film sealing technology for ultrasonic film sealing of flexible packaging.

The PPS film sealing technology uses interlocking tooling design, increasing seal strength, improve aesthetics and broadens the processing windows versus competing ultrasonic sealing and heat seat sealing.

U.S. patent 8,376,016 was granted to Gordon Hull, Rinco’s U.S. managing director.

Rinco Ultrasonics is based in Romanshorn, Switzerland. Its U.S. subsidiary is in Danbury, Conn.

Tel. 203-744-4500, email spotpan@rinco-usa.com.