Formax opens composite fiber recycling facility

By: Anthony Clark

May 9, 2013

LEICESTER, ENGLAND — Composites specialist Formax UK Ltd. has opened a recycling scheme at its Leicester production facility. The operation includes two bespoke machines, which enable the company to reprocess the majority of its glass and carbon fiber waste.

According to the company, the recycled materials are suitable for a variety of non-structural and structural applications across a range of industries. A number of Formax's customers already manufacture components using products from its recycling division.

"Last year we generated over 600 metric tons of glass waste so recycling is clearly very high on our agenda, both from a position of environmental responsibility and also from a commercial standpoint," said Oliver Wessely, managing director of Formax.

"The market for recycled materials is a growing sector with a number of significant opportunities and the creation of our new Recycling Division allows us to devote considerable time and resource into optimizing products for these processes."