Tennessee bans plastic bottles, aluminum cans from landfills

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam signed a bill that will outlaw aluminum cans and plastic bottles from landfills.
Senate Bill 941 and House Bill 945 passed the legislature and Haslam recently signed the bills into law.
In addition to the landfill ban, the law offers incentives for communities in Tennessee which provide collection infrastructure for collecting recyclables. The Southeast Recycling Development Council praised the passage of the law.
"We are pleased that the Tennessee legislature recognizes that aluminum cans and plastic bottles are natural resources that have markets ready and waiting to pay for them if consumers separate them from trash and recycle them," said Will Sagar, executive director of the non-profit, in a statement. "This recycling law is a step toward helping to provide much needed feedstock to the Tennessee aluminum and plastic recycling industries, which support jobs in the state."

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