Electrically driven system adjusts valve pins

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The HRS Flow Division of Inglass Group SpA has developed the FLEXflow electrical cylinder to accurately adjust valve pins in large-surface applications like bumpers, instrument panels and door panels.
Each pin is independently managed during the opening and closing stages by precisely controlling each valve pin’s position, acceleration, velocity and stroke. The system controls the speed profile of the opening pin.
The result is an optimal control of both the filling and packing time with a direct benefit on part warpage as well.
The electrical cylinder removes major defects such as flow marks, weld lines and flash.
FLEXflow works well with multicavity molds. If fine tunes the weld line position when a complex filling pattern balance is required.
HRS USA Inc. is in Greenville, S.C.
Tel. 855-627-5373, email hrsusa@hrsflow.com.

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