Bayer PC compound suits thinner laptops

By: Michael Lauzon

July 31, 2013

Bayer MaterialScience AG has introduced a reinforced polycarbonate resin it claims will help produce extremely thin laptop computers.

The new material is lightweight, durable, allows fast production and extends designers' freedom in a new generation of laptops, according to Bayer.

"[Mobile computing] requirements call for a more sophisticated hardware made from higher performance materials," states Steffan Huber, responsible for marketing of information technology and appliances in Bayer's polycarbonate business unit. The new polycarbonate allows lighter and thinner housings while maintaining sturdiness and safety, he explains in a news release.

Ning Hao, material engineer at information technology major Lenovo Group of Hong Kong, states in a news release that the new material "enables manufacturers to save energy and time in the production process of the parts. One full set of housing can be produced in less than one minute."

Bayer will display laptop housings made from the polycarbonate at the K 2013 fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, in October.

Bayer MaterialScience's head office is in Leverkusen, Germany. The U.S. head office of Bayer MaterialScience LLC is in Pittsburgh, Pa.

In Germany, tel. 49-214-301, in the United States, tel. 800-662-2927 or 412-777-2000.