Nucleated PP boosts thermoforming

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French homopolymer polypropylene producer Polychim Industrie SAS has boosted one of its resin’s performance in thermoforming by adding a nucleating agent supplied by Milliken & Co. of Spartanburg, S.C.

PP HA31XTF improves aesthetics with high transparency and reduced yellowing compared with conventional nucleated PP homopolymers, claims Polychim. The new material also balances stiffness, impact strength and isotropic shrinkage to avoid warping. Combined with these properties, the new resin’s high crystallization temperature allows productivity improvement of up to 10 percent to thermoformers, according to Polychim .

“Through listening to our customers it became clear that there was a definite gap in the PP homopolymer market for a solution offering both better production cycle times and enhanced end-product quality,” notes Bo Oxfeldt, vice president of Beaulieu International Group and responsible for Polychim’s European and North American businesses.

Polychim adds Milliken’s Hyperform HPN-600ei as a nucleating agent in the new PP.

Polychim is based in Dunkirk, France. Sister company PP producer Pinnacle Polymers LLC has headquarters in Garyville, La.

Polychim: Tel. 33-328-58-0270, fax 33-328-27-2665; Pinnacle: Tel. 985-535-2000, fax 985-535-2615.