Amcor to divest division to focus solely on plastics

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Amcor Ltd. is selling its glass and beverage can packaging division, Australasia and Packaging Distribution (AAPD), in order to focus its core global business of plastics packaging.

Announcing the deal Amcor chief executive and managing director, Ken MacKenzie, said: "To be a successful market leader, that delivers continuous improvement in customer value, a company must be focused in terms of product portfolio and end markets.

"Although Amcor and AAPD are both packaging companies they are actually very different in terms of product segments and geographic focus," he added.

"Amcor has global leadership positions in the flexibles and rigid plastics segments, while AAPD operates in the fibre, glass and beverage can packaging markets in Australasia and packaging distribution in North America and Australia."

The de-merger is expected to be completed by December 2013.