Cloeren to show moebius-manifold die at K 2013

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Flat-die maker Cloeren Inc. will exhibit its new moebius-manifold die at K 2013.

Cloeren, of Orange, Texas, will show three versions: one for mono-layer, one for coextrusion and a second coextrusion die featuring the patented IDS (internal deckle system).

All three displays will be cutaways, so you can see the internal features of the manifold.

The moebius-manifold die provides a diminishing cross-section manifold with a varying aspect ratio. The initial teardrop cross-section located at the centerline transitions to a smaller cross-section along the width of the manifold, to the end, while also maintaining a constant manifold length by varying the transition angle. That allows the manifold to have a backline parallel to the die lips, for the minimization or elimination of differential clamshell deflection.

According to Cloeren, the shallow transition angle also improves the flow characteristics through the end area of the die, by reducing residence time and improving streamlining of the end regions. That design helps to flush polymer flow through the end of the manifiold.

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