Plastics distributor snaps up incentive to move Ohio operation

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A California-based company is moving its Ohio office to Twinsburg from Brooklyn Heights and has committed to growing its payroll by $250,000 in the near term, in part because Twinsburg has granted it a tax-based incentive to buy a vacant property.

Professional Plastics Inc., a distributor and fabricator of industrial plastics out of Fullerton, Calif., will move "no later than the first week of November," said John Boris, regional manager for the central region.

The company — which operated in Brooklyn Heights for five years and will relocate eight people "with additional staff being hired" — also wanted to move to Twinsburg to be closer to existing and potential customers and because the building has significant warehouse space, Boris said. Professional Plastics is a supplier to the medical market, plus the aerospace, military and defense, and food processing industries.

For five years, the company will receive a grant of 25 percent of the payroll taxes it pays to the city of Twinsburg.

Professional Plastics barely met the program's minimum $500,000 annual payroll requirement, but it showed a commitment to the community by buying the building, said Larry Finch, Twinsburg's director of community development and planning. Plus, as all companies receiving the Twinsburg Occupancy Program, or TOP, grants do, it has committed to growing its current payroll by $250,000 over the next three years.