Rodon invests in new hybrid injection presses, robots

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HATFIELD, PA. — Rodon Group LLC, a custom molder out of Hatfield, recently invested more than $1 million to add six Nissei servo-driven hydraulic injection molding machines to its manufacturing floor, among other new technologies, the company reported.
The hybrid injection presses, which combine the advantages of both hydraulic and electric injection systems, are known for their accuracy and energy-efficiency, according to the news release.
"Energy studies show that these new Nissei machines are 50 percent more efficient than similar machines without the patented technology," said Doug Wachter, a partner with Premier Plastics Systems Inc., in a statement.
Each new machine can handle shot sizes up to 14 ounces, and will replace older and smaller presses, the report said. In addition to the new machinery, the company invested in servo-robot technology to increase overall production capacity within the plant.
"This investment in equipment is part of our long-term strategy," said Lowell Allen, senior vice president of manufacturing at Rodon Group, in a statement. "We are constantly improving and creating a safer, more efficient, manufacturing facility."