Sigma Engineering introduces 'Virtual Molding' software

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DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY — You’ve heard of virtual reality? Well, Sigma Engineering GmbH, the makers of Sigmasoft, is ready to show you Virtual Molding.

“Virtual Molding is not only a completely new technology,” said Marco Thornagel, Sigma’s executive director. “Above all, Virtual Molding is a whole new method. The injection molder gets from us a tool to communicate his know-how through the complete development process in a comprehensive way,” he said. That helps with planning, meeting deadlines and becoming a value-added partner with customers, he added.

The simulation software shows all process parameters and i consequences of changes on the screen, from mold to the part. “The processing engineer can show the mold maker where the exact cause for a tempering problem originates and which solving approaches are realistic from the production point of view,” Thornagel said. “Or the designer can understand early why a part concept is not viable due to production reasons.”

In other news at K, Sigma is showing how Sigmasoft can predict the influence of hto runner systems on mold tempering and warpage. The geometry of the melt channel influences filling behavior and part quality from shear heating and pressure loses.

And Sigma has delivered first-shot success for powder injection molding in a micromolding application. Company officials believe a reliable simulation product can bring micro-PIM out of the academic environment and into the factory.