Reduction Engineering reports successful K show

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DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY — Selling one machine off your stand might be down to luck, but selling several during a trade show is surely proof of concept. And that's why Ohio's Reduction Engineering Sheer is so pleased with its appearance at K 2013 — it's proved beyond doubt that its new JV air knife is what people want.

The company's success with the strand drier at the show mirrors its success in the United States, where demo models, sent out for trial, aren't coming back.

"People call up and tell us they'll keep the units," said John Sly, the firm's sales manager. "In fact, every trial unit we've sent out has been bought."

The vacuum driers are available in 20, 30, 40 and 50 strand widths and come complete with an integral water tank or as an alternative the units can be plumed in. And because the water isn't blown off — as happens in traditional systems — the machines eliminate slip hazards. They are also quieter in operation than pressure units, explains Sly.

"We've refined the latest technology and developed one of the most effective vacuum strand dryers in the industry," he said, adding that ease of use, combined with quiet and mess-free operation, was winning over customers across the globe.

"We listen to what our customers want and integrate the best ideas into our R&D effort," Sly explained. "There's no luck in our success."