Poland's Azoty planning nylon 6 production

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Poland's leading chemical manufacturer Grupa Azoty plans to launch production of nylon 6 at its facility in Tarnów, Poland. The new installation is to be located on a 130,000-square-meter site, reported local daily Gazeta Krakowska.

The factory, operated by Azoty's subsidiary Zakłady Azotowe Tarnów (ZAT), will produce nylon 6 with the use of the caprolactam (CPL) supplied by the group's Zakłady Azotowe Puławy (ZAP) plant, the daily was told by sources close to the manufacturer.

The Polish company has been reporting unsatisfying sales of CPL and hopes to benefit from the robust demand for PA6, according to the information obtained by Gazeta Krakowska.

"For the time being, I can say that there are major investments planned for the Tarnów plant," said Andrzej Sikora, head of the Solidarity union at Azoty Group.

The nylon 6 investment is expected to create between 20 and 40 new jobs at ZAT. Further details on the planned project, which so far has not been officially confirmed by the Polish chemical giant, are to be released in Azoty Group's investment strategy in early 2014.