Erie plastics firm victim of cybercrime

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Thermoset plastics firm Haysite Reinforced Plastics is named as a victim in a recent federal court case against notorious Russian cyber-criminal Evgeny Bogachev.

In October 2011, Bogachev allegedly used malware known as Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker to take almost $375,000 from a bank account belonging to Erie, Pa.-based Haysite, according to a May 28 filing in U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh.

Bogachev allegedly accessed the account when a Haysite employee opened an email that appeared to be from the National Automated Clearinghouse Association and clicked on a hyperlink that enabled Bogachev to access Haysite’s bank account.

Bogachev, a Russian resident, also has been linked to similar cybercrimes in Washington state, Florida, Massachusetts and North Carolina.

Haysite’s products include extruded sheet or molded parts made from thermoset resins. The firm also sells compounds based on those materials.