LMG introduces automatic preformer for thermoset molding

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LMG, a division of Trinks Ltd., has introduced a fully automatic 40-ton hydraulic preformer, which for granular thermoset molding material such as phenolic, epoxy, melamine, granular polyester.

The preformer compacts the material into round, densely packed preforms in a very quick cycle. A vibratory hopper feeds a predetermined amount of material into the cavity section of the die. Then both punches advance to compact the material. One of the punches pushes the preform out of the die and into an exit chute.

Then the cycle repeats.

If a two-cavity die set is used, the machine can turn out up to 20 smaller preforms a minute (measuring 2.5 inches in diameter).

LMG is based in De Pere, Wis.

Tel. 920-347-1983.