Starlinger introduces C-VAC recycling module

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Starlinger & Co. GmbH of Vienna, Austria, has introduced its C-VAC module for recycling post-consumer and post-industrial plastic waste into high-grade secondary plastics.

Traditional reprocessing begins with removing foreign material such as metal and paper labels, in a dry cleaning process. The plastic waste is then washed before being melted in an extruder. Next, it is pressed through a filter that catches solid particles. Gases are then suctioned off.

The C-VAC, which can be combined with any Starlinger recycling extruder, increases the degassing surface by 300 percent over conventional degassing systems, because of rheologically optimized melt channels to and from the degassing extruder. The melt is cut into pellets in a water ring pelletizer. Depending on the material and customer demands, Starlinger can add several dosing units for adding things like colors or powder.

The finished granulate reaches the filling station.

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