Blow molder Exo-s completes $4 million expansion of Coldwater plant

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Custom molder Exo-s Inc. has completed a $4 million expansion of its Coldwater, Mich., blow molding operation.

The company installed a 75-pound blow molding machine for large parts and a five-axis trimming robot for complex blow molded products. The project also entailed building a 27,500-square-foot addition.

The project “will allow our consumer and industrial goods division to accommodate customers’ demands and develop new markets,” noted Exo-s President and CEO Emmanuel Duchesne in a news release.

The Coldwater expansion occurred while Exo-s was relocating its Three Rivers, Mich., plant to Howe, Ind. The relocation will cost $6.9 million when it is completed in December 2014. The company announced last October its plan to relocate the operation to a 191,000-square-foot facility in Indiana.

Exo-s’s main business is supplying injection and blow-molded auto components such as engine covers, thermal ducting systems and coolant reservoirs. The Sherbrooke, Quebec-based company also molds components for agriculture, all-terrain vehicles, toys and household appliances. It employs more than 600 in the United States and Canada.

Exo-s was created in 2012 after being spun off from Camoplast Solideal, a Quebec business focusing on off-road vehicle tracks and similar components.