US-based WaveFront, India's Uflex to make Fresnel films in Poland

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Uflex Ltd. An example of Fresnal film used in packaging.

A partnership between flexible packaging maker Uflex Ltd. in India and U.S.-based WaveFront Technology Inc. is expanding into Europe, investing $2 million to set up production of specialty films in Poland.

The two companies are scheduled to start manufacturing WaveFront’s specialty lens packaging films at an existing Uflex facility in Wrzesnia by the end of the year.

Uflex has been making WaveFront’s Fresnel-type lens packaging film at its headquarters factory in Noida, India, for about a year but the companies will now install two or three production lines in Wrzesnia, said Uflex Group President R.K. Jain.

Uflex set up the wholly owned Polish facility, Flex Films Europa Sp. Z.o.o., in 2012.

Paramount, Calif.-based WaveFront says Fresnel films produce holographic patterns on packaging for products like beverages or video games, or give the appearance of movement to attract attention on the store shelf.

Because its designs are often unique to individual customers, having faster response time in Europe was crucial.

“Working with Flex Films in Europe will bring the design and production capabilities together, ensuring a fast, accurate response for our European customers,” said Simon Thompson, head of design at WaveFront Technology Europe.

Europe has become the most important region for new developments in Fresnel lens designs and process developments, according to WaveFront President and Founder Joel Peterson.

Jain said production in Poland will also be targeted at customers in the Commonwealth of Independent States and Africa.

Uflex has factories in India, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Egypt, Poland and the United States, with total annual capacity of about 750 million pounds.

In another development, Uflex said it has partnered with Chiba, Japan-based Think Laboratory Co. Ltd. to set up a fully automatic robotic laser engraving line for making rotogravure cylinders at Uflex’s Noida plant.