Report offers advice on surfing the PE wave

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Townsend Solutions of Houston and PLG Consulting of Chicago are the latest consulting firms to ride the Great Polyethylene Wave of 2017.

Those two businesses have combined to produce "North American Polyethylene — The Global Impact," a new report that they’re describing as “the most comprehensive 10-year review of the global PE value chain available.”

Low-cost feedstocks have prompted multiple PE capacity regions for North America, officials with Townsend and PLG said in a news release, and will allow the region’s total PE production capacity to grow by 36 percent — roughly 16 billion pounds — by the end of the decade.

“As polyethylene is by far the largest volume plastic, the unprecedented capacity growth in North America will have profound implications for a wide range of competing and complimentary materials and downstream uses and products,” they added.

The report includes analysis of PE producers and traders; investors; rail, truck and vessel carriers; railcar manufacturers and lessors; plastics packaging and warehouse industries; and plastics converters.

More information about the Townsend/PLG report is available from Taylor Robinson at 508-982-1319 or