Leister shows new welding options

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Leister Technologies AG’s laser plastic welding business presented two manual workstations at K 2016 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The tabletop Novolas TTS is equipped with BT optics. At the trade fair, customers used the unit to weld their own magnifying glasses. The TTS is an example of an integrated solution under the Basic AT systems, which are designed for integration. A programmable logic controller allows the processing cell and the Basic AT compact to communicate with each other.

The other unit, a Novolas WS-AT combines two processes with each other — GLOBO welding with the through heating method. Through heating means transparent films are heated via an absorbing component positioned under the films. The laser energy is transformed into heat by that absorber and heats the film, layer by layer.

Leister also had some fun in Düsseldorf — demonstrating its system to recycling of hot industrial process air to make popcorn!

Leister Technologies is based in Kägiswil, Switzerland. The U.S. unit, Leister Technologies LLC, is in Itasca, Ill.

Tel. 855-534-7837.