Corma's Super Coupling creates robust seal

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Corma Inc., which makes pipe corrugators and other downstream pipe equipment, introduced its Super Coupling for superior joining of two lengths of pipe, at K 2016.

The patent-pending technology creates an extended sleeve on the spigot end of a length of pipe that fits into the bell end. The longer sleeve creates an even more-robust seal between the pipe layers within the coupling. And it also is designed to maintain a full seal even during high traffic loads, earthquakes or even imperfect installation that can cause movements in the soil, according to Stefan Lupke, executive vice president of Corma, based in Concord, Ontario.

In contrast, the overlap on many other corrugated pipe couplings on the market are too short, and can compromise the seal when there are movements in the soil or if the coupling gets shifted during installation, the company said. That can allow a voice between the pipe layers are allow debris to accumulate.

The Super Coupling can also be manufactured in-line with Corma’s corrugated plastic pipe production lines.

Corma offers the Super Coupling in four configurations: bell and spigot double-layer coupling, regular double-layer coupling, bell and spigot single-layer coupling and regular single-layer coupling.

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