Broadbent: LSR molders moving to higher-tonnage machines

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Steven Broadbent is an elastomer/LSR process engineer for Engel North America.

Q: What are some of the current trends in LSR machinery?

Broadbent: There is a lot more technical molding, consumer products and larger parts. As a result, we are seeing some larger-tonnage machines. In the past, a 200-ton machine was rare for LSR. Today, I would say that 19 percent of everything we do is in that 200 to 250 ton range.

Q: Are companies still retrofitting injection molding machines to do LSR molding?

Broadbent: Yes. There are some software differences for the dosing equipment and vacuum systems that are an absolute requirement for LSR. We are seeing people ordering machines that can be changed back and forth. They want to have the thermoplastic option still on the machine.

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This is from "Liquid Silicone Rubber Market Review & Outlook 2017," available