LSR drops into ​ 3D printing demand

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Wacker Chemie photo Building up of a lattice structure "net cube" in Wacker's ACEO technology.

Würzburg, Germany — Two presentations at the biannual SKZ Süddeutsches Kunststoffzentrum Silicone Elastomers conference in Würzburg addressed recently introduced liquid silicone rubber 3D printing systems.

Florian Liesener, manager of the new ACEO 3D printing business unit at Wacker Chemie AG in Burghausen, Germany, classified the company's new drop-on-demand (DOD) material dosing of silicone in viscous paste form.

He pointed out that DOD differs from the commonly used fused filament fabrication (FFF) used in fused deposition modeling (FDM) from extruded plastic filaments.

Samples included a branched blood vessel model and an ear implant, as well as net cube cubic lattice grid structures with crosswise superimposed beams, the latter described as an example of "producing the impossible."

For Wacker, opening the ACEO campus with its Open Print Lab in mid-2016 preceded the world premiere of the company's package of 3D printing LSR materials at K 2016.

Liesener called ACEO "a true system solution" with the ACEO campus functioning as a service provider, also via a worldwide web shop.

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