Rubber manufacturers have knowledge advantage in processing LSR

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Q Holding Co. An employee at Q Holding Co.'s medical unit operates a press.

Twinsburg, Ohio — If you're a rubber product manufacturer, you bring some key advantages should you decide to enter the realm of liquid silicone rubber.

As a thermoset material, LSR bears similarities to other kinds of elastomers in the way it's molded, and having a deep knowledge of what to expect comes in handy when processing LSR, according to Bernie Stritzke, chief technology officer at Q Holding Co. The Twinsburg-based firm makes LSR products as part of its Qure Medical unit, as well as its QSR business, which serves automotive and industrial customers.

"If you have an arsenal of other thermoset molding capabilities, all of a sudden you set yourself apart from the plastic injection molders that happen to stumble across LSR molding," Stritzke said. "We can offer other types of molding materials and processes to create the same part. LSR molding is kind of a sexy art when you think about the ability to mold as fast as you can in a thermoset process. It's a very quick way of molding something, but it's not always the only way of molding something."

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