Processor of the Year Award

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Get the recognition your company deserves!

The Processor of the Year award honors companies with superior achievement among plastics processors. The nomination process for Processor of the Year 2015 is now closed. Please check back in June 2016 for nominations to open for the Processor of the Year 2016 award.

Does your company qualify?

  • Your company must be a processor; a manufacturer that forms finished plastics parts, like a detergent bottle or car bumper fascia. 
  • Both private and public companies or corporate operating divisions engaged in North American plastics processing for at least the past five years.

Past Processor of the Year Award winners are eligible for the Sustained Excellence Award.

Any questions? Contact Bill Bregar via e-mail at or telephone at 330.203.5991

Past Winners include:

2014 - Stihl Inc.
2013 - Tech Molded Plastics Inc.

2012 - Hoffer Plastics Corp.
2011 - Steinwall Inc.
2010 - Plastikos Inc.
2009 - GW Plastics Inc.
2008 - Plastic Components Inc.
2007 - Innovative Injection Technologies Inc.
2006 - Mack Molding Co.
2005 - U.S. Farathane Corp.
2004 - Miniature Precision Components Inc.
2003 - Unimark Plastics
2002 - (Tie) Tech Group Inc. & Precise Technology Inc.
2001 - Cascade Engineering Inc.
2000 - Tessy Plastics Corp.
1999 - Royal Group Technologies Ltd.
1998 - Courtesy Corp.
1997 - Nypro Inc.
1996 - Bryan Custom Plastics