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Wilbert Plastic Services invests $9.6M for Ford Escape launch
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Wilbert Plastic Services Inc. is investing an estimated $9.6 million in equipment and facility upgrades at its Lebanon, Ky., plant in preparation of the launch for the 2020 Ford Escape. The...
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Old Dow, new Dow to have a lot in common
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The new Dow Chemical will look familiar to customers when the name returns early next year. DowDuPont Inc. — formed in September from the merger of industry icons Dow and DuPont Co. —...
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Dow awarded $1B in damages against Nova
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A Canadian court has awarded Dow Chemical Co. more than $1 billion in an ethylene feedstock dispute with Nova Chemicals, but Nova already plans to appeal that ruling. The two firms rank among...
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Obituary: Covestro sustainability leader Richard Northcote
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Richard Northcote, chief sustainability officer of Covestro AG, died unexpected, the materials company announced June 22. Northcote, 58, had a varied career spanning journalism, government affairs ...
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Injection molder Alsco Industries seeking buyer
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Alsco Industries Inc., an injection molder based in Sturbridge, Mass., is up for sale as owner and CEO Allan Rieser wants to replace suit coats and ties with golf tees and travel. For more than 25 ...
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IAC names former Magna exec Gingl as CEO
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Car interiors specialist International Automotive Components Group named former Magna International Inc. executive Manfred Gingl as CEO following the retirement of Steve Miller this month. Austria-...
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Investors form alliance for sustainable plastics packaging
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More than two dozen investment groups are forming the Plastic Solutions Investor Alliance, an effort aimed squarely at plastic pollution. The alliance, organized by Oakland-based environmental...
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Commodity resins move in different directions in May
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Polypropylene in May continued in its role as the problem child of the North American resin market. Prices for that material surged an average of 7 cents per pound in May, with regional PET bottle ...
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US study urges stricter PFOA safety levels
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Washington — The U.S. government released a long-awaited study June 20 on the safety of fluorinated chemicals that recommends much stricter safe exposure levels for the public. The study,...
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Lighting the way with in-mold decorating
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Tier 1 vehicle lighting solutions provider J.W. Speaker Corp. is commercializing one of the first production applications of in-mold electronics, also known as plastronics. The new cost-effective...
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Amcor Rigid Plasticsa

935 Technology Drive
Suite 100
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
United States
Phone: 734-428-9741
Fax: 734-302-2298

  • Ranking
  • Top Blow Molding Official
    Mike Schmitt
  • Parent Company
    Amcor Ltd.
  • Fiscal Year End
  • Blow Molding Sales (millions $)
    • Most Recent Year
    • Previous Year
  • Global Corporate Sales (millions $)
    • Most Recent Year
  • Breakout of Blow molding Sales
    100% bottles
    0% Industrial

  • Blow Molding Employees
  • Blow Molding Plants
  • Blow Molding Machines
  • Annual resin throughput (millions lbs)
  • Processes
    Continuous shuttle monolayer
    Continuous shuttle coextrusion
    Continuous rotary wheel monolayer
    Continuous rotary wheel coextrusion
    Inj Blow separate preform production process
    Stretch Blow single machine process
    Stretch Blow separate preform production process
  • Secondary Services
  • Materials
    HDPE Copolymer (HIC)
    Post-consumer resin
  • Primary End Markets
    Beverage (still water)
    Beverage (carbonated water)
    Beverage (milk)
    Beverage (juice - shelf stable)
    Beverage (juice - refrigerated)
    Beverage (soda - 3+ liter)
    Beverage (soda - 2 liter)
    Beverage (soda - 1 liter)
    Beverage (soda - single serve)
    Other food
    Motor oil/car-care products
    Household chemicals
    Personal-care packaging
Originally published November 6, 2017, in Plastics News. Some data may have been updated.

(P)=Publicly Held        N.A.=Not available

All information was provided by the companies, except where otherwise indicated.

* Midpoint of a company-provided range

** Company-provided estimate

E Plastics News and industry estimates. These figures were not provided by the company.

CURRENCY NOTE: All Canadian sales figures have been converted to U.S. dollars using the average annual exchange rate for the 12 months of each company's fiscal year. For those fiscal years that correspond to calendar-year 2016, the following average annual rate was used: C$1=US$0.76.

All companies' fiscal years correspond to calendar-year 2016 unless otherwise noted.

a) Amcor Rigid Plastics includes the blow molding operations of Sonoco Products Co. which it acquired in November 2016.