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Plastics News Now: Kid gets tour of college after writing about dream of working in plastics
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Trevin Allen, 9, visited Penn College of Technology after writing about the industry in a school assignment, a bike path made of recycled plastics opens and the new iPhones have more recycled and...
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Ravago building Ohio distribution center
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Resin distributor Ravago Americas LLC will invest up to $36 million in Medina, Ohio, for a new, large distribution center. The project cost will be $31-$36 million, estimated Ravago Americas...
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Taking tiny steps toward big sustainability goals
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Novi, Mich. — Sustainability is a hot-button issue for a lot of automakers and suppliers today, but for Ford Motor Co.'s Debbie Mielewski, it's a topic that is deep-rooted in her livelihood...
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Scholle IPN opens more options for low-acid foods with its closure
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Chicago — The winner of this year's Plastics Caps & Closures Innovation Award is a breakthrough in aseptic pouch packaging. The CleanPouch Aseptic Cap and Spout, developed by Scholle IPN,...
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Auto supplier Mitchell Plastics expanding in Alabama
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Automotive interior parts supplier Mitchell Plastics Ltd. is expanding its Huntsville, Ala., facility with an estimated 130,000-square-foot addition. The expanded facility will allow operations to ...
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Plastics machinery shipments up again in second quarter
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North American shipments of plastics machinery were up nearly 6 percent in the second quarter of 2018 compared to the second quarter of 2017, according to figures released Sept. 20 by the Plastics ...
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Panel: Partnerships key to more composites in cars
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Novi, Mich. — Along the winding road of current and future automotive trends, there is an opportunity. And that opportunity, mixed into mega trends like electrification, lightweighting and...
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Univar CEO says company may not be 'right home' for Nexeo plastics business
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Chemical company Univar Inc. has a deal to buy Nexeo Solutions Inc., but its CEO says company leaders aren’t sure if Univar is the “right home” for Nexeo’s $1.8 billion...
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Rehau, MBT join forces
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Swiss companies Rehau Verwaltungszentrale AG and MB Barter & Trading AG (MBT) have signed an agreement for a merger of equals to create a polymer group with potential sales of $2.5...
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Ineos joins in PS recycling project
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A trio of companies is joining forces in a project they say will close the loop on polystyrene recycling, and a representative for one of the partners believes the approach will fundamentally...
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Plastipak Packaging Inc.

41605 Ann Arbor Road
Plymouth, MI 48170
United States
Phone: 734-455-3600

  • Ranking
  • Top Blow Molding Official
    William Young
    CEO & President
  • Parent Company
    Plastipak Holdings Inc.
  • Fiscal Year End
  • Blow Molding Sales (millions $)
    • Most Recent Year
    • Previous Year
  • Global Corporate Sales (millions $)
    • Most Recent Year
  • Breakout of Blow molding Sales
    100% bottles
    0% Industrial

  • Blow Molding Employees
  • Blow Molding Plants
  • Blow Molding Machines
  • Annual resin throughput (millions lbs)
  • Processes
    Continuous shuttle monolayer
    Continuous shuttle coextrusion
    Continuous rotary wheel monolayer
    Continuous rotary wheel coextrusion
    Intermittent reciprocating screw monolayer
    Intermittent reciprocating screw coextrusion
    Inj Blow single machine process
    Inj Blow separate preform production process
    Stretch Blow single machine process
    Stretch Blow separate preform production process
  • Secondary Services
  • Materials
    HDPE Copolymer (HIC)
    HDPE Homopolymer (Dairy)
    Post-consumer resin
  • Primary End Markets
    Beverage (still water)
    Beverage (carbonated water)
    Beverage (milk)
    Beverage (juice - shelf stable)
    Beverage (soda - 3+ liter)
    Beverage (soda - 2 liter)
    Beverage (soda - 1 liter)
    Beverage (soda - single serve)
    Other food
    Motor oil/car-care products
    Household chemicals
    Personal-care packaging
    Industrial/Agricultural Chemicals
    Other industrial packaging
Originally published November 6, 2017, in Plastics News. Some data may have been updated.

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