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RankCompanyTop extrusion officialPipe, profile & tubing sales
(millions $)
1 JM Eagle Walter Wang 2,200E
Los Angeles, CA, United States CEO & President
2 Advanced Drainage Systems Inc.a Joe Chlapaty 1,005
Hilliard, OH, United States Chairman, CEO & Pres.
3 Royal Group Inc.b Mark Orcutt 875E
Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada Executive VP Building Products
4 North American Pipe Corp.c Michael Mattina 760E
Houston, TX, United States VP & GM
5 Ply Gem Industries Inc.d Gary Robinette 740E
Cary, NC, United States CEO & President
6 CertainTeed Corp.c John Crowe 595E
Valley Forge, PA, United States CEO & President
7 Dura-Line Paresh Chari 500
Knoxville, TN, United States CEO & President
7 Performance Pipe Lawyer Jolley 500E
Plano, TX, United States General manager
9 Ipex Inc. Paul Leonard 380E
Verdun, Quebec, Canada CEO & President
10 WL Plastics Corp. Charles Johnson 320
Fort Worth, TX, United States VP manufacturing
  • (P)=Publicly Held        N.A.=Not available
  • All information was provided by the companies, except where otherwise indicated.
  • * Midpoint of a company-provided range
  • ** Company-provided estimate
  • E Plastics News and industry estimates. These figures were not provided by the company.
  • CURRENCY NOTE: All sales figures reported in foreign currencies were converted to U.S. dollars using an average annual exchange rate for the 12 months of each company's fiscal year. For Canadian firms with fiscal years corresponding to calendar-year 2012, the average annual rate was used of C$1=US$1.

    All companies' fiscal years correspond to calendar-year 2012 unless otherwise noted.

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