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RankCompanyTop extrusion officialPipe, profile & tubing sales
(millions $)
1 JM Eagle
Los Angeles, CA
Walter Wang
CEO & President
2 Advanced Drainage Systems Inc.(P)
Hilliard, OH
Joe Chlapaty
Chairman, CEO & Pres.
3 North American Pipe Corp.a
Houston, TX
Renee Havrilla
VP, building products group
4 Ply Gem Industries Inc.(P)
Cary, NC
Gary Robinette
CEO & President
5 Royal Group Inc.b
Woodbridge, Ontario
Simon Bates
Sr. VP buidling products
6 CertainTeed Corp.
Malvern, PA
John Crowe
CEO & President
7 Performance Pipe
Plano, TX
Lawyer Jolley
General manager
8 Dura-Line
Knoxville, TN
Paresh Chari
President, Mexichem Fluent Group
9 Trex Co. Inc.(P)
Winchester, VA
James Cline
CEO & President
10 Ipex USA LLC
Pineville, NC
Alex Mestres
Chairman & CEO
Originally published July 25, 2016, in Plastics News. Some data may have been updated.

(P)=Publicly Held        N.A.=Not available

All information was provided by the companies, except where otherwise indicated.

* Midpoint of a company-provided range

** Company-provided estimate

E Plastics News and industry estimates. These figures were not provided by the company.

CURRENCY NOTE: All Canadian sales figures have been converted to U.S. dollars using the average annual exchange rate for the 12 months of each company's fiscal year. For those fiscal years that correspond to calendar-year 2015, the following average annual rate was used: C$1=US$0.78.

All companies' fiscal years correspond to calendar-year 2015 unless otherwise noted.