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Tank Holding Corp.a)

6940 O St., Suite 100
Lincoln, NE 68510
United States
Phone: 402-467-5221
Fax: 402-465-1220
snydernet.com & www.norwesco.com

  • Ranking
  • Top Rotational Molding Official
    Greg Wade
  • Rotomolding Sales (millions $)
    • Most Recent Year
    • Previous Year
  • Global Corporate Sales (millions $)
    • Most Recent Year
  • Breakout of Rotational Molding Sales
    2% Custom
    98% Proprietary
    0% Captive
  • Rotomolding Employees
  • Rotomolding Plants
  • Rotomolding Machines
  • Annual resin throughput (millions lbs)
  • Secondary Services
  • Materials
    Cross-linked PE
  • Primary End Markets
    Tanks - agricultural/industrial
    Food-processing containers
    DOT - approved containers
    Pallets/skids/materials handling
    Lawn & garden
    Nontank industrial applications
    Refuse containers
    Liquid waste
    Medical waste
Originally published August 14, 2017, in Plastics News. Some data may have been updated.

(P)=Publicly Held        N.A.=Not available

All information was provided by the companies, except where otherwise indicated.

* Midpoint of a company-provided range

** Company-provided estimate

E Plastics News and industry estimates. These figures were not provided by the company.

CURRENCY NOTE: All Canadian sales figures have been converted to U.S. dollars using the average annual exchange rate for the 12 months of each company's fiscal year. For those fiscal years that correspond to calendar-year 2016, the following average annual rate was used: C$1=US$0.76.

All companies' fiscal years correspond to calendar-year 2016 unless otherwise noted.

a) Tank Holding Corp. listing does not include the January acquisition of the material handling division of Agri-Plastics Manufacturing.