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Current Resin Pricing

Commodity Thermoplastics

Prices are in U.S. cents per pound for prime resin, unfilled, natural color, FOB supplier, unless otherwise indicated.

Resin pricing data presented is compiled by Plastics News' team of experts. In no instance does Plastics News guarantee the accuracy of statistics provided. For current resin pricing quotes, please contact your supplier.

Learn how PN gathers its resin prices. For more information about pricing, contact senior reporter Frank Esposito.

Symbol Key

- indicates a market-price increase in the past week.

- indicates a market-price decrease in the past week.

- indicates a price increase for that material is pending.

- indicates a correction in the published price.

Volume Category

I - Annual volumes greater than 20 million pounds.

II - Annual volumes of about 2 million to 5 million pounds.

Prices as of Aug 25, 2014

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HDPEclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
Blow Molding Copolymer(HIC) 108—110 112—114
Blow Molding Homopolymer (Dairy) 108—109 110—113
Drums 110—112 113—116
Injection GP 104—105 107—109
Extrusion Film HMW 113—115 117—120
Extrusion Film MMW 113—114 118—120
Extrusion Pipe HMW 118—120 123—126
Extrusion Pipe MMW 121—124 125—127
Extrusion Sheet 106—108 110—112
Rotomolding Powder -- 119—122

LDPEclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
Injection GP -- 121—123
Injection Lid Resin 119—121 123—125
Extrusion Coating paper 119—121 --
Extrusion Film liner 114—116 117—122
Extrusion Clarity film 112—114 115—118

LLDPEclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
Butene-1 comonomer Injection GP -- 102—106
Butene-1 comonomer Extrusion liner film 101—104 105—107
HAO comonomer Injection GP -- 108—110
HAO comonomer Lid resin 113—116 119—122
HAO comonomer Extrusion liner film 107—109 111—114
HAO comonomer Rotomolding powder -- 127—132

PSclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
Crystal Injection GP 133—135 137—141
Crystal High Heat 137—141 143—144
High Impact Extrusion 140—142 145—147
High Impact Injection 139—141 145—146
High Heat injection 143—148 149—151
Flame retardant 173—177 179—183
EPS cups 153—156 --
EPS unmodified 147—150 146—155

PVCclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
Suspension Resin Injection GP 113—116 116—118
Suspension Resin Pipe grade 111—113 114—117
Dispersion Resin Homopolymer GP 94—98 100—104

PPclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
Homopolymer Injection GP 108—110 111—114
Extrusion Fiber 107—109 110—112
Extrusion Film 108—111 111—114
Extrusion Profiles 111—114 116—120
Extrusion Sheet 110—113 114—116
Random Copolymer Injection 111—113 114—116
Random Copolymer Film 113—114 115—117
Random Copolymer Blow molding 113—114 116—119
Impact Copolymer High Impact 122—126 127—130
Impact Copolymer TPO 142—150 149—153

ABSclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
Injection Medium Impact 115—118 119—120
Injection High Impact 120—121 123—127
Injection Pipe fittings 105—106 109—113
Injection High heat 141—145 150—155
Injection Flame retardant 146—150 155—170
Extrusion Pipe GP 117—119 122—127
Extrusion Sheet GP 134—135 137—139
Blends PC/ABS -- 153—158
Blends Nylon/ABS -- 158—168

Acrylicclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
GP -- 125—130

PETclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
APET 107—109 110—112
Bottle resin 98—100 101—103
CPET 105—107 --

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