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Current Resin Pricing

Engineering Thermoplastics

Prices are in U.S. cents per pound for prime resin, unfilled, natural color, FOB supplier, unless otherwise indicated.

Resin pricing data presented is compiled by Plastics News' team of experts. In no instance does Plastics News guarantee the accuracy of statistics provided. For current resin pricing quotes, please contact your supplier.

Learn how PN gathers its resin prices. For more information about pricing, contact senior reporter Frank Esposito.

Symbol Key

- indicates a market-price increase in the past week.

- indicates a market-price decrease in the past week.

- indicates a price increase for that material is pending.

- indicates a correction in the published price.

Volume Category

I - Annual volumes greater than 1 million pounds.

II - Annual volumes of 300,000-500,000 pounds.

Prices as of Mar 30, 2015

Click on a resin below to view grades and pricing

Acetalclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
Homopolymer 137—144 148—154
20 glass -- 179—194
Copolymer 115—125 130—139
25 glass -- 160—175

Nylonclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
Type 6 152—162 165—169
Type 6/6 162—170 174—185

Polyesterclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
PBT Injection 134—139 144—149
PBT 30 glass FR 169—174 179—189
PET Injection 118—123 128—138
PET 30 glass FR 155—165 165—175

PCclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
Blow Molding 222—232 253—263
Injection GP 206—215 210—235
20 glass 222—232 253—269
Injection Structural foam 204—213 240—257
Injection Flame retardant 237—254 265—275
Extrusion Sheet 205—214 217—245
Optical media 188—197 198—217

Polyurethaneclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
Ester type Injection 189—206 213—222
Ester type Extrusion 216—238 252—270
Ether type 252—265 297—306

TPEclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
Polyester -- 350—425
Olefinic 80—115 120—135
Styrenic 90—120 150—200

Cellulosicsclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
Acetate -- 178—178
Butyrate -- 175—175
Propionate -- 175—175

PPO/PPEclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
Injection GP -- 123—187
Injection GP 20 glass -- 179—272
Injection Structural foam -- 131—207
Extrusion -- 148—239

SANclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
GP 128—136 140—164

SMAclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
GP -- 179—183
High Impact 167—178 187—190
Flame retardant 217—225 --

UHMW-PEclick to expand

Resin/Grade Volume category
UHMW-PE 120—124 136—146

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