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Historical Resin Pricing

Recycled Plastics


High heat crystal Post-consumer pellets

Current Pricing

As of Date Low High Avg

2014click to collapse

Change Date Low High Avg
28-Jul-14 72 78 75

2012click to collapse

Change Date Low High Avg
25-Jun-12 66 72 69

2009click to collapse

Change Date Low High Avg
16-Nov-09 58 64 61
11-May-09 50 56 53

2006click to collapse

Change Date Low High Avg
16-Jan-06 52 62 57

2001click to collapse

Change Date Low High Avg
04-Jun-01 33 37 35

2000click to collapse

Change Date Low High Avg
14-Aug-00 34 38 36

1999click to collapse

Change Date Low High Avg
16-Aug-99 29 33 31
08-Feb-99 26 31 28.5
11-Jan-99 31 36 33.5

1997click to collapse

Change Date Low High Avg
21-Jul-97 36 41 38.5

1992click to collapse

Change Date Low High Avg
14-Dec-92 43 46 44.5
21-Sep-92 40 43 41.5
10-Feb-92 45 48 46.5

1991click to collapse

Change Date Low High Avg
26-Aug-91 40 40 40
01-Apr-91 45 45 45

All prices are estimated U.S. market prices, in cents per pound, for prime resin, unfilled, natural color, FOB supplier, unless otherwise indicated.

"Change Date" represents issue dates when Plastics News published a change in our weekly price chart, as well as the week when the file was updated most recently. Our published prices indicate when we became aware of and confirmed with North American buyers and suppliers that prices actually changed in the market.

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This report is a review and analysis of the North American Plastics Recycling Industry, including key trends and statistics based on 2013 performance. We examine market environment factors, regulatory issues, industry challenges, key drivers and emerging trends in post-consumer and post-industrial recycling.

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Plastics in Mexico - State of the Industry Report

This report analyzes the $20 billion plastics industry in Mexico including sales of machinery & equipment, resins and finished products.

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