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Sonoco ramping up production of plastic cans

Sonoco Products Co. is ramping up production of its new plastic can in anticipation of launching the container in hundreds of retail stores this fall.

Women make up more than half of Goright's upper management team

Goright Plastics, Printing & Logistics LLC has a large contingent of women in management roles, making up more than half of upper management.

Stotesbery molds the ultimate plastic wine glass

Kaycey Stotesbery says that her greatest achievement was to take a company from concept through funding, incorporation and setup, and start plastics production in less than four months.

Architects eye new blueprint for vinyl siding

Vinyl siding keeps making strides in the market from fade-resistant colors to increased durability against hail and hurricanes to insulated rigid foam backings that offer energy efficiency. However, the performance improvements haven't done as much from a design perspective, so architects have taken little notice.

Spiekerman-Vaughan gains new understanding of plastics

“It's one of the best materials that are out there, the least amount of energy and water use,” says Roxanne Spiekerman-Vaughan.

Campbell Soup pushes further into pouches

“We are, by volume, a rigid packaging company. But every day we try to challenge that ... becoming more agnostic about the packaging that we use," says a Campbell's Soup Co. executive.

Seeing is understanding for Williams

Karen Williams: “I like to go figure it out for myself first. … Because every plant has specific people that can help you get things done, and figuring out who you've got to talk to is half the problem sometimes.”

Autonomy, flexibility equal career success for Wong

Jayne Wong, an engineer by training, said she was always interested in plastics and saw it as a chance to apply what she'd learned: “I wanted to be out in the plant.”

Idaho and Washington molders merge

Accurate Molded Plastics of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and Mold-Rite Inc. of Woodinville, Wash., merged under the new holding company Sound-Rite Plastics Inc.

Ancos buys solid-stating assets from PolyQuest

Ancos has grown its polymer tolling business by acquiring solid-stating assets in Darlington, S.C., from PolyQuest Inc.

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